Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Screen Capture In WinXP and Vista


In this post, I'll share an amusing anecdote with you and be writing about a useful screen capture utility, Snipping Tool found in Windows Vista.

Since we are on screen capture, there is a section for Windows XP user. It is on screen capture using Print Screen key sequence.

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"Jason is crying because his penis missing."

Thought I share an anecdote with you, an ex-colleague of mine, Kelvin has a son Henry studying in the 2nd year of kindergarden. One day, his wife come up to him with a piece of Henry's work. On the piece of paper, there were some sentences written by Henry but the one that caught them by surprise was this sentence, "Jason is crying because his penis missing."

While the son knows the word for the male organ, they were alarm that it is taught at such a young age. Furthermore, the sentence is hardly the right way to teach kids the human anatomy. They then asked Henry if his teacher had seen and marked the paper. Henry replied that they are suppose to hand in to the teacher tomorrow together with the art coloring that he is doing today.

The concerned parent then decided to find out more by calling one of the parents of Henry's classmate. Only then did they realize the what went wrong. As with most kids at Henry's age, they have difficulties in spacing out their words correctly.

"Jason is crying because his penis missing."
should be:
"Jason is crying because his pen is missing."

Of course they had a good laugh over it and Henry now has better word spacing and neater handwriting.

Screen Capture in WinXP

Note: For privacy reason, do double check a screen capture to ensure that there are no confidential info. in the background.

In Windows XP, screen capture uses the the Print Screen key sequence or a third party software. Upon pressing the Print Screen key sequence, the "capture" screen can then be "paste" onto your working document.

The Print Screen key is shown on your keyboard either in full as "Print Screen" or abrreviated as "Prt Scr" or as on my notebook ""Prnt Scrn".

Below are the two key sequences and they capture different screens.

1. Pressing the Print Screen key alone
Pressing this key alone would capture the entire screen. Picture below is actual screen capture of an entire screen using Print Screen key.

2. Pressing Alt-Print Screen sequence
There are times whereby we do not want a entire screen to be capture maybe only the active application (window). For example, from picutre above if we want to capture only the Windows Media Center, pressing Print Screen key along requires us to do some cropping before we can use the picture.

To capture only the active application (window), just hold onto the Alt key and press Print Screen key. Picture below is actual screen capture using the Alt-Print Screen key sequence.

Snipping Tool in Windows Vista

Snipping Toool is a nifty screen capture utility found in Windows Vista. For Windows XP Tablet PC users, you can down the Microsoft Experience Pack for Tablet PC from Microsoft There are six programs in this Experience Pack For Tablet PC, Snipping tool is just one of them.

Snipping Tool is able to capture the following:
1. "free-form" Snip of a region
2. rectangular Snip of a region
3. Window Snip of a region (active window)
4. Full-screen Snip

Picture on the right is an example of a "free-form" snip screen capture.

I was about to post instructions on how to use this tool till I stumble unpon Microsoft's website that has a detail write up. So, why re-invent the wheel, instructions using this tool can be found here.

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