Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mother's Day

Here is wishing all mothers a Happy Mother's Day.

In the United States (US) and various part of the world, Mother's Day falls on the second Sunday in May. While in Britain and Ireland Mothers' Day is known as "Mothering Sunday" and falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent (exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday).

Dates for "Mothering Sunday" in Britain and Ireland, 2007-2016

2007: March 18
2008: March 2
2009: March 22
2010: March 14
2011: April 3
2012: March 18
2013: March 10
2014: March 30
2015: March 15
2016: March 6

Singapore was formerly under British colonial rule and most would thought she would follow the British version of "Mothering Sunday". But we celebrate the "US version" of Mother's day that falls on the second Sunday in May.

Since time immemorial and across the animal kingdom, we see the greatness of mother's love. Maternal instinct to protect their child is so strong that mothers would even sacrifice their own lives.

For all the wonderful things that our mothers do, we can never really thank or repay her enough.

I remember the conversation my best friend had with his mum,

My best friend came up to his mother and ask, "Mum, do you know who is the greatest person on earth?". The mother then replied, "Is it the President or some great scientist like Albert Einstein or inventor like Thomas Edison?"

The boy said, "No, none of them. It is you, Mum. You are the greatest."

As a mother's day tribute to all mums, I dedicate this song "No Charge" by Melba Montgomery to all mothers. This song is also for those sons and daugthers who have taken for granted the things your mum did, listen closely to the lyrics...

Song: No Charge Singer: Melba Montgomery

Lyrics: No Charge
Singer: Melba Montgomery
Writer: Harlan Howard


My little boy came into the kitchen this evenin'
While I was fixin' supper
And he handed me a piece of paper he'd been writin' on
And after wipin' my hands on my apron
I read it - and this is what it said:

For mowin' the yard - five dollars
Makin' my own bed this week - one dollar
And goin' to the store - fifty cents
An' playin' with little brother, while you went shoppin' - twenty-five cents
For takin' out the trash - one dollar
For gettin' a good report card - five dollars
And rakin' the yard - two dollars
Total owed - fourteen seventy-five.

Well, I looked at him there expectantly
And a thousand mem'ries flashed through my mind
So I picked up the pen, turnin' the paper over,
This is what I wrote:

For the nine months I carried you
Growin' inside me - NO CHARGE
For the nights I've sat up with you,
Doctored you, prayed for you - NO CHARGE
For the time and the tears.
And the cost through the years, there's NO CHARGE
When you add it all up.
The full cost of my love is NO CHARGE.

For the nights filled with dread
And the worries ahead - NO CHARGE
For advice and the knowledge
And the cost of your college - NO CHARGE
For the toys, food and clothes and for wipin' your nose
There's NO CHARGE, son
When you add it all up,
The full cost of my love, is - NO CHARGE.

Well, when he finished readin'
He had great big old tears in his eyes
And he looked up at me and he said,
"Mama, I sure do love you."
Then he took the pen,
And in great big letters
He wrote: "PAID IN FULL."

When you add it all up
The cost of real love is - NO CHARGE


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